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The Beast of Ormond

The Beast of Ormond is a legendary bird-like creature that prowls the Great Plain and surrounding areas.  Its eerie vocalisations can be heard at dawn on clear mornings.  Historical records suggest it may be an escaped rooster from the original importation of poultry from New Zealand.  It is true that a particularly cunning and vicious rooster managed to abscond from the poultry production facility within hours of arrival, and that attempts to recapture the bird were spectacularly unsuccessful.  Sightings have been reported near the border with New Zealand but as yet no reports of damage have surfaced and photographic evidence is non-existent.

The true identity of the creature remains a mystery and sightings are documented and investigated by the Kondratov Institute for Cryptozoology.  The institute is named after Alexandr Mikhailovych Kondratov, a man of many talents who wrote books on several scientific subjects including cryptozoology – the study of animals whose existence has not yet been proven.  Other famous examples of cryptids include the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, Beast of Bodmin, el Chupacabra, and Bigfoot.

There is a reward available from the Kondratov Institute for any person who can capture the creature alive or at least provide indisputable evidence of its existence. 

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