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Operation Moonshot

Operation Moonshot is our most ambitious project to date.  In short, Arborea is planning to land a spacecraft on the moon!

Seriously, stop laughing, and check out this website!

The Plan

The plan is to purchase a £199 package from the above website which will provide Arborea with the following:

  • Two customised thinfilm scout spacecraft launched into orbit;
  • One of these will attempt reentry into Earth's atmosphere while transmitting its customised message;
  • The second will continue its journey inside the mothership and land on the moon in 2016!

We need YOU!

If you've ever wanted to be a part of a space mission, now is your chance!  Simply visit the Arborea Souvenir Emporium to buy your official Operation Moonshot merchandise.  The proceeds from your purchase will help to fund our lunar mission.

Now is the time!  Become a part of history!  Join Operation Moonshot today!

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The government of Arborea and the CCCP can be contacted directly at [email protected]

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