The People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea

Government Departments

Arborea has a number of government departments that oversee the day to day running of various projects and aspects of Arborean life.


The National Oceanographic Research Agency is responsible for exploration and research of the oceans, lakes, and rivers that provide our ecosystem with water, and arguably more importantly, fish!

Sometimes the course of NORA's research requires the removal of fish from their natural habitat for "scientific reasons."  We figure that if it's good enough for Japanese whale hunters, it's good enough for us.

Photographs of NORA's successful expedition to Anatoki Salmon Farm can be found here.



The Arborea Horticultural and Agricultural Bureau is responsible for all food produced from plants or animals in Arborea.  As such, it is responsible for animal welfare, pest control, soil and water quality, sustainability, and food safety, as well as a range of tasty and nutritious food products.  Examples of food produced in Arborea include a range of fruits and vegetables, eggs, and meat.  In addition, AHAB regularly conducts missions in neighbouring New Zealand to acquire such delicious treats as venison and avocado.

Photographs of AHAB projects can be viewed here.


The Agency for the Study of Astronomical Phenomena is at the forefront of Arborea's understanding of astronomy and space exploration.  ASAP closely monitors occurrences such as lunar and solar eclipses, and the 2012 Transit of Venus.


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