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The Arborean Foreign Legion

Due to the small population of Arborea relative to the vast resources under our control, the Tsar commissioned the Arborean Foreign Legion in April 2011.  The Legion’s mission is simple:  to protect and defend the sovereignty of Arborea from those who would threaten it by force.  The motto of the AFL is “Do unto others before they do unto you"

Membership to the AFL is open to all nationalities, and service for five years guarantees honorary Arborean citizenship. 

Do you have what it takes?

Think you have what it takes to become a Legionnaire?  The AFL is recruiting now!

Simply email your application directly to the office of the Tsar with an explanation of why you would make a good Legionnaire and what skills you would bring to the Legion.  The best applications in the opinion of the Tsar will receive a medal!

[email protected]

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The government of Arborea and the CCCP can be contacted directly at [email protected]

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