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Arborea Defence Service

Like any other nation, Arborea reserves the right to maintain the ability to defend itself from aggression, both foreign and domestic.  The task of protecting the sovereignty of Arborea and its citizens is undertaken by a single, streamlined, multi-role organisation named the Arborea Defence Service, or ADS.  The word “service” was chosen over “force” which was deemed “too aggressive” by the Tsar, and the acronym for Arborea Security Service was just not aggressive enough!

The ADS therefore undertakes the roles which in most countries are managed by many separate military and civil groups, namely:

  • Territorial defence and security, by land, sea, and air;
  • Crime prevention and investigation;
  • Emergency response;
  • Intelligence gathering;
  • Counterintelligence;
  • International peacekeeping roles.

The bulk of the military arm of the ADS is taken up by the Arborean Foreign Legion, mainly due to the small population of our great nation.  An emulation of the French Foreign Legion, membership of the AFL is open to all nationalities, and service of five years guarantees a legionnaire honorary Arborean citizenship.


The head of the ADS is His Highness Tsar William I, who holds the rank of Marshall of Arborean Defence (MAD).  The Tsar has trained at the prestigious Molossian Naval Academy and also holds the honorary rank of Admiral in the Molossian Navy.

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