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The Tsar's Reformation Day Speech 2016

Posted by Tsar William I on April 1, 2016 at 6:25 PM

Greetings, fellow Earth citizens! For too long now I have not addressed you and it is fair to say, I regret, that activities in Arborea must appear to you to have ground to a halt. But fear not, for we Arboreans have taken on many great projects and achieved many great accomplishments since I last spoke to you all. It is my privelege to announce to you also that Arborea is taking on a renewed spirit of development and optimism for the coming year, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Since returning to the Arborean Homeland, many great things have happened. The Arborean Horticultural and Agricultural Bureau (AHAB) has recorded a bumper crop of vegetables including tomatoes, pumpkins, capsicums, chillies, potatoes, lettuce, and various herbs and condiments. Our chicken flock continues to provide nutritious eggs, and our sheep are currently visiting a ram in New Zealand, in the hope that we may again see spring lambs on the Great Plain.

We have finally completed the Arborea State Outdoor Bathing Facility, an audacious construction project five years in the making. This wonderful complex uses recycled wooden offcuts from nearby Arborea Heavy Industries to heat rainwater in a recycled iron bathtub strategically placed within the woodland of Arborea's National Forest Park.

Arborea Heavy Industries has significantly increased production, due to the CEO and chief engineer (HH Tsar William I) moving into a new daytime job in New Zealand, allowing more flexible hours and more free time. New garden trellis, a coffee table, and various fixtures and implements for the State Outdoor Bathing Facility have been finely crafted here.

Arborea has a new national musical instrument, after Arborea Heavy Industries used plans from the internet to build a cajon. A cajon is a wooden drum from Peru that creates differently toned notes when struck in different parts. Arborea Heavy Industries has already received its first commission for a custom cajon!

In short, things are moving along splendidly in Arborea. We certainly hope thatall of you are safe and happy, and wish you a wonderful Reformation Day!

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