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The Gyanganj Irritation

Posted by Tsar William I on December 9, 2013 at 5:35 PM

On 2 December 2013 Arborea came under verbal attack via Twitter.  The attacker was the unnamed President of the Democratic Republic of Gyanganj.  The cause of the attack appears to be the Tsar’s decision to no longer follow Gyanganj’s twitter postings.  Over the following five days the Tsar and Arborea in general were subjected to various childish and abusive tweets, ranging from accusations of racism and bigotry to simple juvenile name-calling.  The President of Gyanganj concluded by stating that he refuses to recognise Arborean sovereignty, has placed Arborea on his “axis of evil”, and that he has international support for his fight against Arborean racism.

Needless to say, the Tsar dismissed these allegations and personal attacks as the ravings of a belligerent lunatic.  A thorough review of Arborea’s website and twitter postings revealed no evidence of racism or bigotry (especially when compared to the twitter postings of the aforementioned lunatic).

The Tsar calmly explained twice to the President that Arborea neither seeks nor requires recognition of sovereignty – a fact that any visitor to our website can see for themselves.  Following the second explanation the abusive tweets abruptly stopped, leading us to believe that the message has finally gotten through.

In a brief address to the nation at the conclusion of hostilities, the Tsar had this to say:

“I believe I speak for all serious micronationalists when I say that running our countries is an engaging pastime or at the least a rewarding hobby.  Micronationalism is not a contest – there are no winners or losers.  It is about expressing our culture, our beliefs, and our way of life, not to argue why ours is better than others.  I hope that we can all learn from the outcome of this conflict, and my thoughts are with the unfortunate people of Gyanganj under their current President.”

To date we have been unable to locate a website or even a basic description of the Democratic Republic of Gyanganj.

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