The People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Cooperative Capitalist Provinces (CCCP) comprises four separate entities:  Arborea, Bay Province, Lakeside Province, and Scorching Dunes.  The latter three are considered autonomous provinces within the Commonwealth (much as the Faroe Islands are a self-governing state under the Kingdom of Denmark).

The CCCP was the original name for Arborea, and by an incredible coincidence meant that t-shirts bearing the letters "CCCP" were already very easy to come by on the internet.  However, the Reformation of April 1, 2011 saw the rise of Arborea and the autonomy of the other provinces cemented.  The Commonwealth is now largely a ceremonial entity.

Bay Province

Located approximately 250 km south of Arborea in Hawke's Bay, Bay Province is known as the "fruitbowl of the commonwealth" due to its abundance of orchard fruit.  There is also a wealth of sea and river fishing, hunting, and wine tasting to be enjoyed in and around this lovely holiday spot.

Lakeside Province

Lakeside Province is located on the South-west shores of New Zealand's largest lake, Taupo.  A favourite holiday spot for the Tsar, Lakeside Province is the location of the Summer Palace.  Lake Taupo and other nearby lakes and rivers are teeming with trout, and there are nearby wineries as well.  It is best known as a place for Arboreans to relax and unwind from the rigours of modern life.

Scorching Dunes

The most recent addition to the CCCP, Scorching Dunes is made up of the Eastern half of the Bir Tawil Triangle, between Egypt and the Sudan.  Scorching Dunes was incorporated as an autonomous province of the CCCP after the signing of the Bir Tawil Treaty between Arborea and the Principality of Walkoria.

This is the most geographically isolated province of the CCCP and very difficult to visit.

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