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Arborea (ar-bor-EE-ah) is a democratic autocracy with the head of state being the Tsar.  We enjoy a free market economy, free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and free animal health care.  We already share a free trade agreement with our closest neighbour, New Zealand (although we await official confirmation from the NZ government).  Located at approximately 178° E, Arborea is proud to be the first micronation on earth to see the sunrise of each new day.  According to our research and intelligence sources Arborea is the first micronation to have a national brewery and a department of agriculture.

Population and Geography

Arborea is located just outside the city of Gisborne, on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  Total land area is 4062 square metres.  Our relatively flat terrain is dominated by the verdant Great Plain where most of our productive land is found.

Our population as at August 24, 2011 is 2 people, 2 dogs, 2 ducks, 4 chickens, 2 sheep, and a cat.

In addition to the Arborean Home Territory described above, Arborea has claimed the Eastern half of the Bir Tawil region in Africa.  Bir Tawil is a 2060 km2 region found along the border between Egypt and Sudan but claimed by neither country.  The claim is known in Arborea as the province of Scorching Dunes.  However, due to its location and our current lack of means to occupy the region, our claim is still rather tenuous.

Statement on the Environment and Self-Sufficiency

Here in Arborea we believe we have a responsibility as stewards of the environment.  We therefore strive in every endeavour for sustainability and environmental friendliness.  To this end we have banned hormonal plant sprays, incandescent light bulbs, and American cars.  Green waste is composted through the Arborea Bioreactor Project, and as much other waste as possible is recycled.  We do not import water at all, relying instead on the natural precipitation that falls on our nation.

A major goal of our nation is to become the world's first self-sufficient micronation.  We produce a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, and eggs, as well as producing our own meat in the form of lamb, mutton, and chicken.  More ambitious future projects include solar water-heating and solar power for Arborea Heavy Industries Inc. (the Tsar's shed).  Self-sufficiency is a lofty goal indeed, but with belief and commitment we shall achieve!

Flora and Fauna

Arborea possesses a mainly grassy landscape, dotted occasionally by medium-sized exotic deciduous trees.  An extensive native plant establishment programme is currently underway.  This began with the cashing in of the Arborea Hedge Fund in order to plant... a hedge.  The hedge consists of native Corokia shrubs and marks our northeastern border with New Zealand.  In addition, a garden consisting solely of native trees and shrubs has been established to the west of Arborea Heavy Industries main factory, and we look forward to seeing it prosper.

New Zealand has few native mammals (dolphins, sea lions, and bats, mainly) and Arborea has none.  The only mammals present in Arborea are introduced dogs, sheep, and a cat.  Most of the native fauna therefore consists of bird species such as sparrows, finches, starlings, blackbirds, thrushes, mynahs, and notably the New Zealand Wood Pigeon and New Zealand Falcon.

The Flag


The flag consists of a black bar atop a white bar atop a blue bar.  The blue bar represents the clear blue waters of Lakeside Province, and the black and white bars represent the colours of the Tsar's favourite rugby team - the Hawke's Bay Magpies.

Coat of Arms


The Royal Coat of Arms dates back to early 2008 AD, and was personally commissioned by His Highness, Tsar William I.  The elements contained in the coat of arms speak of the Royal Family’s heritage, and the natural and cultural themes significant to the Commonwealth at the time of its founding.

 1)      The Hereford bull symbolises the noble breed of cattle raised by the Tsar's family before his ascent to the throne.  Thus it represents the humble beginnings from which our proud nation originated.

2)      The Wolf symbolises the importance of strength found in teamwork.  A lone wolf, without the protection and organised society of its pack, will surely starve and die, whereas a co-ordinated pack of wolves will survive and prosper.

3)      The thistle represents the Tsar's Scots heritage.  Both His parents’ families originated in Scotland and maintain strong emotional ties to their motherland.  This also explains the acceptance of Scots Gaelic as the second official language of Arborea.

4)      The trout swimming in the clear blue water represents the Lakeside Province, which contains the Summer Palace, and is a favourite holidaying retreat for Arboreans.

5)      The crown represents the nobility of the Tsar's position, as leader of Arborea.  The flexed arms signify the strength of the peoples’ resolve to make our nation great.

6)      The acorns represent the growth of the nation – from the smallest acorn the mightiest oak doth grow.  The branches point outward to signify our desire to grow and be recognised as the mighty oak we know ourselves to be.

7)      The motto of the office of Tsar: “Sors ventus fortis,” when translated from Latin, reads: “Fortune favours the brave.”

8)      The Black and White horizontal bars covering the shield pay homage to the Tsar’s favourite rugby team, the Hawke’s Bay Magpies. 

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