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The People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea welcomes you.  Arborea is a sovereign territorial nation located near the city of Gisborne, New Zealand, and is the first "micronation" on earth to see the light of the new day.  Though only a small country by international standards, we enjoy many of the privileges and tribulations of larger nations, including an agriculture industry, defence service, and various government departments.

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What is a micronation?

A micronation is basically exactly what it sounds like - a tiny country.  Generally the term "micronation" refers to any entity that is set up to run like, or give the appearance of, a true nation.  Some micronations exist only as websites, and some are very serious business, considered by themselves and some others to be "true" sovereign states (for example Sealand).  Arborea sits somewhere in between... for now!

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The Tsar

His Highness Tsar William I is the benevolent leader of our proud nation.  Raised in humble surrounds as the son of a New Zealand farmer, he is living proof that Arborea is truly a land of opportunity!  He is a graduate of the prestigious Molossia Naval Academy, and holds an honorary rank of Admiral in the Molossian Navy.

The Tsar holds the rank of Marshall of Arborean Defence (MAD) and the title "Hero of the Commonwealth."  As ruler of the Commonwealth of Cooperative Capitalist Provinces (CCCP) the Tsar also holds the titles Viceroy of the Bay and Steward of the Lakeside.


A brief history of Arborea

The root of Arboeran history begins in 2008 when nine years of oppressive left-wing idealism in New Zealand were taking their toll on a beleaguered population.  Having recently read the Lonely Planet guide to Micronations, and seen the BBC documentary “How to start your own country” the (then) Tsarevich decided the time was right to exercise his own nationalist principles.  Though there is debate about the actual date, some time in mid-2008 the Commonwealth of Cooperative Capitalist Provinces was founded, and Tsar William I proclaimed ruler. 

The CCCP claimed territory in the form of three provinces, all surrounded by the territory of New Zealand.  The original capital province was located within the city of Palmerston North, Bay province in Hawke’s Bay, and Lakeside province near the southwestern edge of Lake Taupo.  Despite friendly relations with the micronations Molossia and Vikesland, recognition of the CCCP internationally was sluggish.  Internally things were not much better, as the Tsar’s other commitments were rather important and time consuming.  The Commonwealth managed to limp onward until 2010, when things really got interesting. 

January 2010 saw the relocation of the capital territory to Gisborne, on New Zealand’s sunny east coast.  Suddenly the Tsar had more time for affairs of state and more resources at his disposal.  A website was established, the Commonwealth Brewery began production, and the CCCP began pursuing its lofty goal of self-sufficiency.  The National Oceanographic Research Agency (NORA) began its mission to uncover the mysteries of the deep, and a system of honours was developed.  By the winter of that year (southern hemisphere winter lasting from June to August) vegetables were growing in the capital territory, whose population had now grown to include 2 people, a dog, and a goldfish. 

The dream could not last, and just like the upheavals seen in the Arab world in early 2011, big changes were coming to the Commonwealth.  The Reformation occurred on April 1, 2011, and saw the cold CCCP constitution rescinded.  Bay Province was granted semi-autonomy.  The capital territory relocated again, this time to a grander, more rural setting outside Gisborne, and was renamed Arborea.  The people voted to retain the Tsar as their ruler, and thus the nation became a Democratic Autocracy. 

From these humble and at times turbulent beginnings rose the nation we have today. 

The undisputed goal of Arborea (and most micronations) is to attain international recognition of our sovereignty and achievements.  Added to this is the yearning of the Arborean people to be self-sufficient and cast aside our dependence on imported food.  These goals are what keeps our nation’s spirit alive!

National Database

Full Name:  People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea

Popular Name:  Arborea

Demonym:  Arborean

Three letter identifier:  ARB

Motto:  Sors Ventus Fortis (Fortune Favours the Brave)

Languages:  English, Scots Gaelic

Time Zone:  Arborean Standard Time (AST = GMT + 12hr)

Calendar:  Gregorian

Currency:  New Zealand Dollar ($NZ)

National Sports:  Fishing, Archery, Equestrian.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Arborea is "Arborea, my homeland for evermore" and borrows the same tune as the Welsh anthem.


O land of great bounty, O land of my heart

I praise and adore you for all that you are

Till the world doth end

I will swear to defend

My homeland for evermore


Home! Home!

I'll always be true to my home

I may roam, but my heart

Lies in Arborea

My homeland for evermore!

Our trees and our hillsides shall forever be

Great ramparts of freedom for all to see

As one, we can be sure

She will always endure!

Our homeland for evermore!

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