The People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea

The Banned List


The following are banned in Arborea:

 - Incandescent lightbulbs, due to their drain on resources;

 - American cars, because they look awful and are very inefficient;

 - Hormonal plant sprays, because they are unnecessary and potentially dangerous;

 - Jetskis, because they are a nuisance, they are dangerous to wildlife, and provide no real benefit to humanity;

 - Using the word “like” more than twice in one sentence;

 - The possession and use of tobacco;

 - The “Survivor” TV series – seriously, 23 seasons? The second was boring enough!

-  Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) to release hydrochemicals from rock layers

-  Addressing a woman as "Sir," because it is irrational and ridiculous.

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